All our spacious kennels have their own covered individual runs and they each have centrally heated sleeping accommodation to keep your dog warm during the colder nights. In addition there are six large secure exercise areas for your pet to run around, each pet gets ‘off the lead’ exercise 4 times a day.

Many thanks for looking after Molly & Misty, it's so reassuring to know we have found a wonderful home for them when we're away.”

Mr and Mrs Burnside

Some dogs can be a little unsure when they first come to stay, not a problem, we make sure we move at their pace. If they are nervous, we will sit in the kennel next to them and let them get used to us. This may mean it takes several minutes before they let us stroke them and then another few minutes before we can put a lead on them to take them for exercise… whatever it takes to put them at ease is fine by us, we work at the pace set by our guest and not the other way round and if it is a walk in the fields that they enjoy more than anything then that can be arranged as well.

The comfort and well-being of our guests is paramount and as such we have upgraded all our dog beds with raised beds. The design of these beds means that our guests will experience exceptional comfort and the materials used means that in summer the beds will keep the dogs cool and in winter warm with no sweating or condensation risks.

We have the beds in different sizes ensuring that the smallest of our guests will be cosy whilst our larger friends will have space to sleep soundly and if family members are sharing an X Large bed will mean they can snuggle up together. The design also means that they are easy to scrub and dry as a clean fresh environment is vital to us.

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday
9am – 5pm
9am – 12pm

Please don't just take our word for it, come and see the kennels for yourself! Just pop in to reception during opening hours and ask a member of the team to show you around — no appointment necessary.

Our Prices

Dogs More information Small Medium Large Giant
Stay per day £12 £13 £14
Wash & Dry £15.00 £17.50 £20.00 £30.00
1 on 1 dog walk in our field £6.00 (£9.00 for 2 medium or larger dogs together)
Doggy Day Care £9.50 per day

We deduct £3 for two dogs from the same family sharing (e.g. 2 small dogs sharing = £21 per day).

01244 532742

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Dogs must be fully inoculated and certificate needs to be shown before allowed into the kennels.

Dogs must be fully inoculated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza, and must have had a booster injection within the previous twelve months. Canine infectious bronchitis (Kennel cough) although not 100% effective, we ask that you have your dog inoculated against this, which must be done at least two weeks prior to arriving at the kennels.

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