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Highlights of Our First Year

It is January 2015…..Steve and I have been at Ewloe Kennels, Cattery & Rabbit Retreat for a whole year and boy has it gone fast.   The days, weeks and months have just whizzed by, well they do say time flies when you are having fun!

It is fair to say that we haven’t sat back and twiddled our thumbs over the last 12 months, we have renovated, extended, educated and (we think) enhanced a whole heap of things: (more…)

Did we shear a sheep?

Now that was one big Wash & Dry!!
Looks like we have sheared a sheep when we actually washed and groomed a beautiful malamute.
On with the cleaning up! (more…)

You Just Can’t Beat Homemade…..

Our dogs Misty and Lottie can’t get enough of these Marmite and Gravy biscuits, so we thought we would share the love and start to make them for everyone to take home.  Made in the kitchen opposite reception, you can’t get much more local than that! They last for up to 2 weeks apparently (not that that has ever been tested in our house!).   At just £2 a bag your pooch will love you for a batch of these.

One Happy Pooch

Hi Karen, Steve and the Girls,

 I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the amazing care and attention shown to Ruby (aka Princess Ruby), a 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier, over the last two days when attending  Doggy Daycare at Ewloe Boarding Kennels.  Not only is this her first time in the kennels, it is the first time she has ever been separated from her owners!


Trimmed to Perfection

Another short back and sides completed on our grooming course.  The owners request was for her body to be trimmed (so that she can run around the fields without having to worry about bringing half of it back with her) and face shaped.


Missing – Please can you keep a look out

Female domestic short haired Cat, Muted/Micro chipped.

From Blacon Avenue near the crematorium, Chester

Last seen early evening of Tues 11 November 2014 and has not come home, which is not like her. (more…)

New Stainless Steel Bath

As our Wash & Dry service continues to grow in popularity we have upgraded our groom room equipment to make sure we are offering the best possible service and our dogs are getting the best possible treatment.

The latest drying equipment has now been joined by the highest quality bath. Full stainless steel with a sliding door and steps so that our bigger guests can step in with ease.  A high powered shower system to deliver a massaging jet of water whilst removing all the shampoo with ease.

It is a winner with both the team and our guests!

StreetKleen – The Power of POO!

At Ewloe Boarding Kennels and Cattery we work hard to make sure that our guests stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  Second to that we try to make sure that we operate as efficiently as we can eg we collect rain water from the kennel roofs so that we can recycle the water to clean our dustpans, brushes and buckets.  We collect the fallen trees in the local wood to help burning in our incinerator and we have upgraded our double glazing in the cattery to make sure the pens are as energy efficient as possible. (more…)

The Signs are good…

The rabbit and guinea-pig retreat is doing really well, but just in case that are one or two of you out there that haven’t noticed this new accommodation area that we have we thought we would put up a subtle sign!

New Dog Beds

The comfort and well-being of our guests is paramount and as such we have started a project to replace all our existing dog beds with brand new raised beds.  The design of these beds means that our guests will experience exceptional comfort and the materials used means that in summer the beds will keep the dogs cool and in winter warm with no sweating or condensation risks.

We have the beds in different sizes ensuring that the smallest of our guests will be cosy whilst our larger friends will have space to sleep soundly and if family members are sharing an X Large bed will mean they can snuggle up together.

The design also means that they are easy to scrub and dry as a clean fresh environment is vital to us.

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