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The Signs are good…

The rabbit and guinea-pig retreat is doing really well, but just in case that are one or two of you out there that haven’t noticed this new accommodation area that we have we thought we would put up a subtle sign!

New Dog Beds

The comfort and well-being of our guests is paramount and as such we have started a project to replace all our existing dog beds with brand new raised beds.  The design of these beds means that our guests will experience exceptional comfort and the materials used means that in summer the beds will keep the dogs cool and in winter warm with no sweating or condensation risks.

We have the beds in different sizes ensuring that the smallest of our guests will be cosy whilst our larger friends will have space to sleep soundly and if family members are sharing an X Large bed will mean they can snuggle up together.

The design also means that they are easy to scrub and dry as a clean fresh environment is vital to us.

The New Look

With our new signs in the car-park and every so slightly bright orange t-shirts there is no missing Ewloe Boarding Kennels and our fresh new look.

Carpark Sign

Cherry Sparkle

This cute little dude was washed head to toe in Cherry Sparkle, followed by a zoom groom massage and then a squirt of wonder spray. before he went home.

Why not book your dog in for a groom, shampoo and blow dry at the end of their stay, just £10 for a small dog and £15 for a medium or large.

Riever 1Riever 3

A dash of colour!!

Our new t-shirts are nice and bright, no chance of missing us now!


Harry enjoying the fresh air, grass and a card board box, on one of our more sunny days last week!

We Love a Good Wedding

One of customers got married this weekend and was keen for their pet greyhound, Suzie, to be at the ceremony. We were more than happy to help out, taking Suzie so that she and the groom could surprise the bride with a Pandora charm which she delivered in a little silk bag on her collar.

Here’s to many happy years for the happy couple.

Chill Man

Groom?……..oh go on then!

Take a Seat

As the summer months and school holidays are approaching we are conscious that you may sometimes have a little wait at reception when you arrive.   Rather than rush our process we thought you might appreciate a bench so that you can wait in comfort.  

Looking for a New Home

Pippa is looking for a new home.  Due to a change in family circumstances Pippa’s owner would like to find a new home for Pippa.  She is a small Jack Russell Terrier, about 1 year old.

Pippa prefers the outdoors and would not be great inside all the time.

If you would be interested in talking to the owner about Pippa please call us and we will give you the contact details so that you can speak directly to the owner.

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